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Beautiful dance studio space at the Fountain Blu in the Exhibition Grounds
200 Princes’ Blvd
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why dance?

  • More grace and poise
  • Stand out!
  • Entertainment
  • More balance & flexibility
  • Weight loss & FUN!
  • Business reasons
  • Stress releif
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Meet People

and they said so.

Merry Christmas Marla! When I saw the holiday schedule posted and read that Marla was working both on Christmas Eve and New year’s Eve, I said “this can’t be the Marla I know”. I believe the best gifts are those that are sincere, a surprise and can be shared. You have been a gift, a surprise and a blessing. Without the studio, and your guidance I wouldn’t be where I am! I still remember that first lesson….I know you could feel me shaking…and look at me now! A star! (well in my mind at least…) Although there is some old rule about never iveing a bottle to a woman, what the hell, rules are meant to be broken!! So the best for the best! Enjoy! See you in the New Year!
Bill M.