Q: “I’ve never danced before, How do I know what dances to try?”
A: Not to worry! Everyone receives a free lesson to start so feel free to try a little of everything. Your fully trained and certified instructor will help you decide what to start with.

Q: “What should I wear and or bring to my dance lessons?”
A: You want to be comfortable because you will be moving a lot, but part of the glamor and beauty of Ballroom and Latin dance is looking the part. Business casual or even jeans and a nice top, don’t be afraid to express yourself! Having an extra pair of clean dress shoes with a smooth sole if you have dance shoes is the best choice. Nothing to chunky or clunky and especially no slip on shoes. Also make sure to take some time to freshen up before your lesson, bring some mints and even some light body spray or deodorant.

Q: “I don’t have a partner, can I still learn to dance?”
A: Yes!! In your private lesson you will have an instructor as your partner. In group classes we always rotate partners so everyone gets a chance to dance with each other. At the practice parties all the instructors will be there to dance with you and introduce you to other single people looking for someone to dance. Book your FREE first lesson today!

Q: “Do I have to schedule myself in for any of the fitness classes?”
A: Dates and times of all fitness classes can be found on the monthly calender and you drop in to the class of your choice. Everyone has a different form of membership here at danceology; some people will pay the drop in rate of $20 each time or buy a small package of group/fitness lessons and other’s have memberships that allow them to come and go as they please. Call the studio or stop buy for a list of all your options and prices.

Q: “What are Practice Parties?”
A: Practice Parties give all the danceology students a chance to put what they’ve learned in their private and or group lessons to action! We will play everything from Waltz and Tango to Huslte and Salsa. All the instructors are there to help you along the way but this is your chance to just dance and mingle with all the other danceology students.

Q: “I received a certificate for one month unlimited group classes and one private lesson, how does this work?”
A: This is an excellent opportunity for you to try something new and at no cost! You will have one month to come to any of our group classes in Latin & Ballroom, as well as any of the fitness classes. If you start in April (for example) you will have until the end of April because this is a free gift from us to you there will be no holds or extensions once you start. It is up to you to take advantage of this amazing free pass. At the end of the month you can book in for your free lesson to go over everything you’ve learned. At that time you will receive more information about the studio and continuing your lessons here at dancelology.

Q: “How do I redeem the online coupon I purchased and which classes am I able to attend?”
A: This voucher will be a great opportunity to take advantage of many of the groups we offer here at danceoloogy. Please see our monthly calendar and pick an ‘Open’, ‘Beginner’ (Beg.) or Fitness class (pilates, youga, power hour & zumba) that you would like to attend. Please arrive a little early on the day of your first lesson so that we can get you registered. From then on, simply show up on the day of the group class you wish to attend and sign in- we track everything for you! If your certificate also offers you a private lesson, please speak with the studio manager to set this up.