Here at danceology all our students learn from experienced certified dance instructors who teach from the DVIDA syllabus brought you by Dance Vision.

All students at danceology will learn at their own pace, therefore private lessons will be personalized to help you reach your dance goals. Group classes are always taught by level so be sure to ask the instructor if it’s the right class for you. All fitness classes can and will be modified to help those new to Pilates, Yoga or any of the other fitness classes we provide. Regardless of your dance background or lack thereof we have the tools and skills to bring dancing and a healthier lifestyle into your life! On the calendar you will see all the Latin & Ballroom classes broken down into levels, use the calendar as a tool in figuring out what class is right for you.

Beginner classes are for anyone and everyone new to dance, meaning you can come not having ever danced before! The instructor will break down the basic movementsand fundamentals of the scheduled dance style and help you every step, shake and shimmy of the way.

You will also notice other classes broken down differently, for example: Bronze 1 & 2 or even Full Bronze (shown as Br l & ll on the calendar). “Bronze” is the social level of Latin & Ballroom dance, and in the beginning all steps taught will be taken from the Bronze level. Make sure you ask the instructor if this is the right class for you or book in for your free sample lesson and we’ll help you figure it all out!

On Friday’s we offer an advanced class which is referred to as “Silver.” Any students coming to a Silver group class must have completed Bronze and therefore have a working knowledge of all figures in Bronze level of dance. The Silver class will introduce new steps and new advanced techniques taking your social dancing to the next stage of style, grace and enjoyment.

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