dancing-couple21-150x150Danceology is the first studio to offer the beneficial option as well as the convenience of memberships to our clients. Whether you’re interested in the fitness classes, the group dance lessons or you want it all, there’s a danceology membership for you!

Prices vary depending on what you want! Perhaps you like the freedom of unlimited group classes every month, or maybe you’d like to have the group classes but still want the personalized structure of having private lessons. Whatever you’re looking for we have something to suit any schedule and lifestyle, call the studio for price listings and more details

Below you will find the different style of classes offered here at danceology to help you in decided what you’d like to have included in your membership.

Private Lessons:

A student will receive personalized, one on one instruction that will help them in achieving their dance goals. The instructor spends the time necessary on technique, styling and general dance improvement, so as to ensure that each private lesson is personalized to the students level and ability. Nearing the end of the private lesson, the instructor will take a few minutes to recap the lesson and keep an up to date record of what’s been learned for the student and the studio.

Group Classes:

Group Lessons are typically taught by one instructor, and depending on the size of the class, with an assistant teacher as well. Groups are held for different dances, and their corresponding levels. The Instructor teaches the students the step patterns and techniques to move comfortably on the dance floor with any partner, while developing good dance habits. The emphasis in a group lesson is on technique, style and variation of patterns. You may learn a new move, or simply review and practice for improvement.

Practice Classes:

We hold practice parties twice a month on a regular basis with extra special parties and events throughout the year. The practice parties are an opportunity to reap all of the benefits of belonging to our studio. You will practice with your fellow students, and teachers in a social relaxing environment. Our practice parties gives you an opportunity to mingle, dance, or both…practicing all that you have learned in the private and group sessions.