Our Mission

danceologyTM is a Social Ballroom and Latin dance studio, which has infused a fitness program to its repertoire, thus creating the ultimate dancing and fitness experience! Whether you join us for a social dance experience or to ‘build a dancers body’ you will enjoy every moment you spend allowing us to enhance your life through movement.

We seek to enhance people’s lives and the quality of their relationships by making learning ballroom dance easy and fun. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate Social Dance Experience for each participant, giving the utmost attention to teaching, and learning in our social studio. The teaching style is encouraging and inspiring while the teaching technique is knowledgeable and designed to develop grace, harmony, poise, connection, enjoyment, confidence, and creativity!

Building a dancer’s body is not only our motto for our danceologyfit program but it’s also our guarantee!

Looking to:

  • lose a few pounds?
  • gain a few abs?
  • relieve stress?
  • reshape your body?

Well, allow us to get you there – We will. We promise.

danceologyTM has grown over the last decade to a larger space within the Liberty Market Village.We now have 2 studio spaces for you to enjoy multiple classes morning, noon, and night! Come visit us online or give us a call and we will answer all your dance and fitness needs.

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