pic_marla_newName: Marla Silva
Position: Owner, Instructor, Coach, Choreographer,Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba

Bio: Marla Silva is the founder of danceologyTM Inc. She has had a successful career in the dance industry, having been in the dance business all of her life, and in the Ballroom sector for over a decade. Marla is a self starter and natural leader. She has been self employed in several different fields, always catering to her love of both dance and fitness. She is an accomplished instructor in not only in dance, but in yoga and Pilates. Being certified in all forms of Sivananda yoga and Pilates, she uses her extensive fitness background along with her mind-body awareness to creatively enhance her dance lessons.

Her Ballroom career has taken her from a trainee, instructor, manager, top Canadian rhythm competitive dancer, coach, to owning her own studio. Creating danceologyTM has been her lifelong dream. She has single handily created a social dance studio which focuses on the limitless benefits of dancing while maintaining an unquestionable teaching practice. Her strongest personality trait is visible through her boisterous, lively nature, which she naturally integrates into each and every lesson she teaches, and person she touches. Do not allow her playful personality and light demeanor fool you. She is driven and dedicated to her studio, and students. Her passion for dance and its benefits is only surpassed by her love of teaching.


 Name: Stilian Kostov

Position: Studio Manager, Certified Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor, Coach, Choreographer.

Bio: Stilian discovered his passion for dancing at the age of eleven in his native country of Bulgaria. He started intense training in both Ballroom and Latin soon after. Being a hard working and motivated young man he soon started competing successfully as an amateur all around Europe. Bulgaria, Ukraine, Greece, Austria etc. Some of his amateur titles include Bulgarian Cup Winner 2004 and 2006. Open to the World International champions Athens Greece 2004. Parallel with his competitive dance career Stilian was a captain and choreographer of his formation team for their Asian tour in 2000 through 2004 where the team performed on stage multiple times a day spreading the joy of Ballroom and Latin Showdance as an ambassador of European culture in Asia. At the age of 28 Stilian decided to start competing in the professional division and undertake Trainer’s and Judging tests in USA as well as working as a full time American style dance Instructor and competing with his students in the Pro-Am division. He discovered great passion for teaching social dance to absolute beginners and set their dance foundation strong from the very beginning, and making each class easy and fun at the same time. 

Dance Instructors

ShawnBryanName: Shawn Bryan

Position: Certified Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor

Bio: To Shawn Bryan Music and Dance are one in the same. Although Shawn has a strong musical background, playing sax, guitar and song writing, his passion lies strongest in dance. He began his dance career at the ripe age of ten with tap dancing, later moving into soulful house music and underground freestyle dancing where expression has no bounds …..his true passion. Over the years Shawn dabbled in various forms of street dance, always putting his own brand of showmanship and exuberance in the mix. His journey through dance brought him to his final destination…..danceologyTM…..where with Shawn’s all about expressing yourself with style and confidence on the dance floor!


Name: Sandy Sobieski

Position: Certified Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor

Bio: Dance has been Sandra’s passion her entire life. In her younger years she participated in ballet jazz and later on Latin and ballroom. Sandra has competed in many categories all over North America. She then started teaching and has over 6 years of experience under her belt, and has participated in pro/am competition with students and loves preparing shows and performances. Sandra knows a wide variety of dances, and enjoys teaching them for all to experience the joys that dancing provides.


Oleg Dikal

Name: Oleg Dikal

Position: Certified Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor

Bio: Licensed Ballroom and Latin dance teacher. Who enjoys training and sharing the gift of body language. Dancing has always been a part of my life, first as a student, then as competitor and now as a teacher at Danceology. I am a patient and enthusiastic person that always sees the cup as half full and the other half as potential. Shows and concerts are something that I really enjoy and thrive in. One day I would like to join So You Think You Can Dance competition.


Coaches / Ballroom & Latin

Name: Christopher J. Sochnacki8481_549266708475247_1933350245_n
Position: Coach
Bio: Christopher Sochnacki was introduced to Ballroom Dancing as a young boy. He completed as an amateur throughout his adolescence and eventually turning professional at the age of 19. Christopher has represented Canada in many International competitions, including the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival, World Pro/Am Championships and the DanceSport Series Team Match at Ohio Star Ball. He has been a finalist in various provincial, national, and international Ballroom and Latin dance events. Christopher has been successfully teaching the art of dance since 2003. He has received several top teacher awards in both Latin and Ballroom dancing. Christopher has had the opportunity to demonstrate his dance ability on screen in “Take the Lead” and “Hollywood Land”. He has also been featured on several television shows such as ‘Breakfast Television’, ‘Dancing at the Palais’ and ‘Canoe TV’. He is a former Canadian Closed Rhythm Champion, Current North American Smooth Champion and North American Rhythm Runner up.

248444_2111711155058_1314013755_2487945_302925_n Name: David Outevsky
Position: Coach
Bio: David started to dance Ballroom and Latin in his early teens.  After training and performing as an amateur for 8 years in Montreal, Canada, he decided to continue his career in Europe. Moving to England in 2005 he has taught at various studios in London, UK, where he has worked with high profile clients and celebrities. He has trained with world class coaches, performed internationally, and was a finalist in several British open competitions. David is an ISTD associate member, a certified conditioning with imagery (C-I) trainer, and has experience in ballet, modern, and somatic movement techniques.  In 2011, David has completed his MSc Dance Science and is currently pursuing his PhD in Dance Studies at York University where he teaches dance theory and practice while continuing his competitive dance career here in Toronto.

Yoga / Pilates Instructors

image1-150x150Name: Danielle Champagne
Position: Yoga Instructor
Bio: Yoga is for everyone, and you don’t need to be too mystical, or too physical to feel the benefits. We all have the ability to evolve: physically, mentally and spiritually. We must have acceptance in our process: we are all spirit beings on a human journey, and through concentration, and cultivating perceptual awareness (dharana) we are more able to follow our soul’s path (dharma) and share our ‘presence’. With physical (asana) and breathing (pranayama) practice, we are able to peel away that which contains us.

“With a light spirit, and deep-rooted connection with Mother Earth, Danielle inspires her students to go inward, find their roots, grow, expand and shine. Influenced by all types of yoga, her classes are always leading from the heart. Her light and conscious approach to life is evident in class, always bringing a little laughter and rhythm to yoga practice. Inspired by the natural rhythm of life, music and creative expression, Danielle’s classes have a creative and cultured flare.”

JennaManganPic-e1376690424620-150x150Name: Jenna Mangan
Position: Zumba Instructor

Bio: I am very excited to join the incredible team of teachers at Danceology. My love of fitness, sport and dance began at a very young age. Spending most of my childhood and teenage years dancing and training as a competitive figure skater, I have experienced high intensity training for both the body and mind at a very young age. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I discovered Yoga through a movement class I took during college. I immediately noticed how the specific moves and breathing techniques altered my body alignment. These movements offered me relief in areas of my body that had been suffering from repetitive motion injuries. I continued to practise different styles of yoga (Bikram, Moksha, Ashtanga, Hatha) and after almost a decade of exploring, I received my 200hr RYT certification while studying The Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga & Raja Yoga in Costa Rica under the tutelage of Jacqueline Chiodo ERYT 500 Yoga, yurveda & Chakra Specialist.

Early in 2013 I discovered Joga- an athletic based style of yoga, created and founded by Jana Webb. See more details here: I immediately fell in love with the concepts that Joga has to offer the athlete at both amateur and professional levels and the individual practitioner alike. As a Joga ambassador I am very excited to bring this intelligent, dynamic and challenging sequence to Danceology.
“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.”

new_head_11-150x150Name: Kim Allan
Position: Pilates Instructor
Bio: As the creator of The Body Boutique, Kim Allan is excited to be bringing her unique brand of fitness, health and beautiful living to the Liberty Village community and Danceology family. The Body Boutique helps women radiate beauty through health and fitness. We know that by elevating your fitness level, letting loose, getting your sexy on, learning and practicing proper nutrition, practicing self acceptance and giving back to other women will cause you to feel undeniably beautiful. The Body Boutique has created a strong community of women who are leading and striving to for healthy, fulfilled and balanced, beautiful lives. Be part of it! Join one of our classes today! BB Bootcamp, Saucy Sexy Dance class, The Beautiful Experience Workout and Yoga.

Kim Allan started her passion for movement through dance. Dance has always been a part of her life. Kim studied dance at Ryerson University in the dance program and completed the triple threat program at Radndolph School of the Arts. Her dance career gave her the opportunity to perform for recording artists, on tv shows, music videos, and live shows. It was only a matter of time before this natural performer dared to dive into the acting arena. Kim has worked in film, television, and theatre demonstrating great comedic flair and vulnerability. Kim is a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and Pro Fitness Model and former fitness competitor. She has an abundance of knowledge in a variety of training such as TRX, kettlebell, kickboxing, weight training, athletic conditioning, pilates, boxing, and dance. Kim is passionate and dedicated to helping and inspiring other women to reach their health and fitness goals. It’s one of her most important missions to help all women see the beauty in themselves. Kim helps women radiate beauty.

website2-e1349894432881Name: Veronica Jones
Position: Yoga Instructor
Bio: Veronica first discovered Yoga in 2001 through Acting and Movement classes while attending York University in Toronto, Canada. Inspired to deepen her own practice and to bring the benefits of Yoga to others, Veronica completed her first Yoga Teacher Training at Toronto’s renowned Tula Yoga Studios in 2007. Her desire to spread the seed of Yoga through teaching led her to spend a period of time in India in 2009 where she lived and studied at the Sivananda Ashram in Vridavan, Uttar Pradesh.

Veronica guides each of her students with her unique, creative, dynamic, and explorative teaching style which has evolved from her practice in many schools of Yoga. In addition to teaching her classes, Veronica has come full-circle as a faculty member of Tula Yoga Studios’ teacher training program since 2009. She has also written many articles and led workshops on Yoga wellness.

m_TungName: Melissa Tung
Position: Yoga Instructor
Bio: Melissa first discovered yoga six years ago, beginning in Bikram yoga. Quickly, she moved to Moksha yoga touching on Anusara, Yin, and Hatha but it was the physicality of Ashtanga that really captured her.

Yoga was what introduced Melissa to an active healthy lifestyle and gave her the confidence to pursue other athletic endeavours. The beauty of yoga is It’s unique ability to be both challenging and therapeutic. By practicing, Melissa hopes we’ll see how the attitudes and discipline required to do yoga affect life outside of the studio. Melissa’s classes have a fun, passionate energy that encourages students to open themselves to push their limits.

ellen-choi-e1362435777927Name: Ellen Choi
Position: Yoga Instructor
Bio: Ellen is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor trained in Power Vinyasa Yoga in London, England with world-class instructor, Stewart Gilchrist. She has a deep appreciation for the practise and its ability to connect the mind and body. Her love for yoga began in 2003 and she has practised and attended workshops in India, England, Holland, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Ellen’s classes incorporate dynamic flowing postures with a focus on alignment and breath. A lover of all sports, she finds yoga to be the perfect compliment for running, triathlons, and surfing. Ellen is an enthusiastic proponent of yoga’s healing and grounding potential. She draws on her meditation and Reiki background to integrate elements of peacefulness and mindfulness into her practise.